Short Saint-Benoit Short Ride

This is a great recreational ride, the route takes you through vineyards, farms and apple orchards in and around Deux Montagnes and Saint-Joseph du lac. The roads in this area are generally in good shape and traffic is light outside of apple picking season. On the weekends you will find yourself surrounded many fellow cyclist. This is one of my favourite rides, keep in mind that if you start from Montreal or Ile Bizard you will need two dollars for the short ferry ride to Laval, after that you’ll be on the road. This ride is mainly flat other than la montee Robillard which if you climb at your own rate isn’t that hard. You will find the hill to be broken-up into three defined sections with the top section being the longest. This ride is suitable for cyclist of any level the main difficulty is the wind, when present and the one hill, if you get a chance you should give ti a try you won’t be disappointed.

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Turn by Turn (cut and paste to a text file for printing)
Start: Corner of Jacques Bizard and Chemin Cherrier.

Chemin Cherrier becomes Chemin Dufour to the Ile Bizard-Laval Ferry, the ferry cost id $1.50 per bike.
Once on the Laval side ride up the Ferry access road to Rue les Erables and turn left.
Follow rue des Erables for around 1.5-2 KM when you go over a set of train tracks turn right onto a damn.
Cross the damn to 8 ave, follow 8 ave until it finishes or about 2.5km you will go through a set of lights keep going straight, 8 ave will go left then right then after 300 meters go left at the end of the street on to rue Gagnier. Ride for another 400 meter to the end of Gagnier which ends on Boul. PieXII which becomes boul Deux Montagnes, there is a Bike path in the centre median. Ride on the bike path for about 1km and turn left on rue Saint-Eustache, rue Saint-Eustache will come to a light after 1.5 km, cross the road at the light and after 100 meter bare left onto Chemin de la Riviere N.

Ride on ch. de la Riviere N. to the end and turn right on Montee Laurin until you get to the end once at the end of montee Laurin you will find a gas station on your left which makes a good place to stop for food and water if needed. Once refueled turn right on rt. 148 and ride for about 1 km and turn left onto montee Renaud for about 100 meters then bare left onto Cote des Corbeil, cote des Corbeil ends at Montee Villneuve, turn left and ride for about 2 km to the junction with the 148. Turn right on rt 148 and go 25 meters and turn left on rang Saint-Etienne.

Follow rang Saint-Etienne into Saint-Benoit where you will find a convinience store called le Ravitailleur, this is where I usualy stop to refule and use the facilities. Once you’re ready to go turn left on rue Chenier and follow the street to the end and turn left on rue Dumouchelle, after 40 meters turn right on rue Chenier and follow the street until it ends. At the end of rue Chenier turn left on rang de la Fresiniere, ride along rang de la Fresiniere for about 3 kilometers until you see montee Robillard on your right. Turn Right on Robillard which is the start of the longest climb on the route, this climb is split into three sections. The first section starts right away and you will climb for about 800 meters to a short downhill, onto a flat section for about 2km and right into the second section of the climb, this is a short climb and not very steep, the final section is the longest and finishes with three steep steps. As soon as you finish the climb you will find yourself on a long steep downhill, continue straight on Robillard until you start to climb again and the road turns left at the next stop sign turn left on montee McCole follow this road until the end then turn right on chemin de la Fresiniere and follow this road for about 2km and at the first stop sign turn left onto montee Laurin and go about 100 meters them turn right onto rang de la riviere Nord.

You will now find yourself on the out and back section of the route. Follow rang de la Riviere Nord, to boul. PieXII there is a bike path in the center of PieXII follow the bike path for about 2.5km and turn left on rue Gagnier. Follow Gagnier for about 400 meters to rue Olympic turn right on Olympic which will turn left and then right and become 8ave. stay on 8ave. until it ends and turn right around the gates and onto the dam which run between Deux Montagnes and Laval. On the other side of the dam turn right and take rue des Erables to the ferry. Remember to have $1.50 for the crossing back to Ile Bizzard. Once on Ile Bizzard ride out of the ferry parking lot and keep going straight, be mindfull of trafic when leaving the ferry parking lot. Follow Chemin Cherrier back to the parking lot on the corner of Jacques Bizard and Chemin Cherrier.

Enjoy the ride!

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